Salesforce states that myEinstein will allow users to build AI apps just with clicks

Last week at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, Salesforce unveiled myEinstein, their machine-learning platform that they say will allow developers and admins to create custom AI apps simply with clicks.

The platform is being promoted as a tool that will enable Salesforce customers to build more personalised and smarter experiences through two new services. The first service is called Einstein Bots. Einstein Bots can be trained to expand customer service workflows by automating tasks like retrieving information, while the second service Einstein Prediction Builder is a tool that allows for the automatic creation of custom AI models. These AI models will be able to predict outcomes for any object/field in Salesforce.

John Ball, Salesforce’s general manager and senior VP stated that they are democratising AI by giving admins and developers the power to transform their processes and customer interactions with myEinstein.

He added “No other company is arming customers with both pre-built AI apps for CRM and the ability to build and customise their own with just clicks.”

Furthermore, he stated that the new platform is all about making workflows and business processes in a business smarter and more efficient by providing employees with more in-depth insights, bypassing menial and repetitive tasks that take up a lot of time.

With myEinstein, those driving and managing business processes can now customise and build AI apps to fit their needs. It works simply with “clicks” through a declarative setup framework that guides users through building, deploying and training AI models using both unstructured and structured Salesforce data. MyEinstein also automates model building and data scoring processes, also allowing custom predictive bots and models to be embedded straight into workflows.

Salesforce added “Models and bots automatically learn and improve as they’re used, delivering accurate, personalised recommendations and predictions in the context of business.”

Still in pilot stage, Einstein Bots and Einstein Prediction Builder are expected to be released to the general public in Summer 2018. In terms of pricing, the cost of each Einstein feature is different as some are part of existing licenses and others will come at an extra charge.