Salesforce Pursues IoT Once More

If predictions are right, then by 2020 there will be billions of devices part of the Internet of Things. There are a number of companies dead-set on being one of the ones that are going to make sense of the data and focus us on the information that matters. Salesforce is now one of those companies vying for it with their new release, IoT Explorer Edition.

The new platform’s goal is to swoop in and remove barriers and allow companies, be they big or small, to take advantage of sensor data and IoT. Salesforce has long been a company that has jumped into the latest tech fads and this includes Big Data and AI. Back in 2015 they were also one of the first few talking about IoT, announcing Salesforce IoT Cloud at the Dreamforce Conference.

So what does IoT Explorer Edition do? Essentially, it lets business users to capture sensor data and leverage it to activate certain actions in their sales pipelines. It also helps companies overcome particular challenges relating to available talent, time and cost.

Possibly the most important central feature of the platform is what Salesforce is calling a “low code” orchestration, allowing non-techie employees to set rules in regards to automation of connected devices that will result in action based on received data. An example given by Salesforce in their press release was that of a solar energy company that has sensors automatically initiate a service call when power levels drop below a particular level.

Furthermore, the platform also gives customer context. Let’s continue with the example of the solar energy company, IoT Explorer Edition would notify the tech service of how many failures the system had suffered or if the system was approaching end-of-life. This could generate further sales opportunities.

According to the Salesforce’s press release, one of the main selling points of IoT Explorer Edition is the ability to use data proactively, describing the platform as able “to sell, service, and market in a way that sees around corners”.

Salesforce wants to assist businesses with their service calls. There’s no reason to sit by the phone and wait for customers to call, when this platform can help you predict the future with some degree of certainty in regards to when devices will need service.

The product launched with partner customers already, including Schneider Electric and Rehrig Pacific, some already using the platform for proactive service and sales.

How good would it be if you knew when their device was in danger of breaking and you could give them a call and sell them a new one? Well now it might just be possible!

IoT Explorer Edition will be available from October 17th as an add-on to Salesforce’s range of clouds.

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