Salesforce Toasts To Einstein’s First Birthday: Here’s How They Celebrated

Just a couple of weeks ago, Salesforce celebrated 1 year of their AI capability: Einstein. If you’re thinking of champagne popping and pats on backs across their offices, you may be right, we’re not sure, but it certainly didn’t stop there. The company celebrated with an impressive investment fund and an exciting range of new features.

Their main goal now is to bring AI into every step of the sales cycle and to enhance the 475 million AI-powered predictions dished out on the platform daily. So what new features can we expect?

For starters, Einstein Forecasting is possibly the most exciting, with Salesforce calling it their most innovative breakthrough. If we’d ask you to shout out two of the trendiest words in the tech world today “machine learning” and “data mining” would probably be at the top of your list and those are the two that this feature combines. Einstein Forecasting is an out-of-the-box and fully automated capability which processes, analyses and understands key aspects that allows it to make extremely precise and individualized sales forecasts.

Moving on with our buzzword checklist we’ll find that Salesforce Einstein Forecasting doesn’t stop there. It’s got a self-learning algorithm that can learn both team and individual forecasting behaviours. It can then analyse if they’re consistently on target, pessimistic or optimistic and offer up a neutral and unbiased analysis to the sales leader. The capability can do this by taking the data behind the forecasts and translating it into human language and letting sales leaders why and what to expect.

One of the main challenges that companies face is precise sales forecasting. Einstein Forecasting will now step in and take away the subjective forecasting by mixing pipeline transparency, sales data and intelligence to provide a central view of sales revenue to help businesses accurately predict growth. Every company wants profitable and predictable business growth, this is where Einstein Forecasting will excel.

Two other new capabilities are Einstein Email Insights and Einstein Opportunity Scoring.

Einstein Email Insights give each sales rep a personal email assistant. This feature is powered by natural language processing and it identifies what the most important emails are, recommending best actions or response.

Meanwhile, Einstein Opportunity Scoring recognises, surfaces and prioritises the most valuable deals. This allows sales reps to stop trawling through opportunities and focus on what the best deals to focus on are. For example, these will be the deals with most executive management within Sales Cloud or the largest deals.

The news generation of Sales Cloud Einstein is truly an innovative sales capability. It’s now got intelligent and predictive capabilities, bringing AI to every level of the sales cycle.

Things didn’t stop there with the anniversary celebrations. Salesforce has also announced a massive £38 million Salesforce AI Innovation Fund. Led by Salesforce Ventures (Salesforce’s corporate investment group), the fund is propped to feed next-gen AI. The funding is set to reach some fast-growing AI startups such as Squirro, TalkIQ and HighSpot first. Its aim is to speed up their development of AI solutions on Salesforce.

Salesforce will in the end benefit from the funding, of course. The new AI capabilities that conclude from the funding will then make Einstein even more powerful and attractive.

AI is set to make employees and companies smarter, more efficient and more productive. The fund will help speed up the development of AI solutions and with that extend and complement Salesforce. Their customers will have access to tools that will help them reach new levels of achievements.

One thing’s for sure though, the AI future that Salesforce promises will be interesting and exciting to see.

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