Perks of the Job.

Work from home & early friday finishes

Four days a week we work from the office, however on Friday’s everyone works from home. Not only that, but we also all finish at 3pm. Now that’s a nice little perk before the weekend! If we do say so ourselves.

Flexible Work Hours

Here at ShapeIT we know that everyone has different home commitments so we offer flexible working hours. Want to start at 8 am and finish at 5? Not an issue. Need to beat the school run and start a bit earlier? We can work with that.  Parent’s evening to attend? That’s fine – we know sometimes some things come up that are more important than being in the office. As long as you’re available during our core work hours, we’re flexible!

Commission Structure

Be rewarded with one of the most amazing commission structures in the industry. We know a lot of agencies say that, however we know for a fact ours is.

Top Digital Tools

Everything you need to do your job efficiently! You’ll have access to top recruitment tools such as Market leading CRM, LinkedIn Recruiter, SourceBreaker, and more. If you know of or heard of any other tools you’d like to trial, we’re always open to suggestions! If it’ll help you be more efficient and eases your workload, then we want to hear about it!

Gym Lunch

We know how hard it is to cram a workout before or after work, so we offer flexible gym lunch sessions!

Team Nights Out

Every month we go on a team night out. There’s always some activity we all decide on after much debate and we’re always wined and dined. Sometimes deciding what to do takes a long, long time, but where’s the fun in being decisive? We don’t have a social committee; we are the social committee.