Moving Out of London: Your Salesforce Skills Are Needed Up North

Traditionally the bulk of the Salesforce market has been in London throughout the UK. Most Salesforce professionals have had to pursue roles in the Big Smoke, but now we’re seeing a trend of it moving outside of the capital. We’re seeing more and more roles that shout out for Salesforce skills pop out in cities like Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield, to name just a few.

If you’re a Salesforce professional in the North of the country you’re no longer hard pressed to find a suitable job near you. Or maybe you’re done with the exorbitant living costs in London and looking to relocate to somewhere where renting doesn’t mean you’re forking out a fortune every month for a flat share. Either way, we’ll take a look at the Salesforce trends outside of London, salaries, job opportunities, which city could be the one for you and who to call if you’re ready to take the next step in your career.

Salary trends:

When it comes to salaries, they will inevitably be higher in London however, they also come with higher living costs. It’s no secret that London is one of the most expensive cities on earth.

For just a quick comparison of living costs we’ll take a look at London versus Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Nottingham and Sheffield. When it comes to Manchester, the living costs including rent are roughly 52.01% lower a month, Liverpool comes in at 40.90% lower, Leeds is 64.57%, Nottingham is similar to Leeds at 66.07% and the difference in Sheffield is a whopping 74.36%!

Pay scales in these areas tend to be about 10-15% lower than in London, however when taking into account living costs, you’ll be far better off at the end of the month. We’re no money saving experts, but it seems like a no brainer to us.

Job Opportunities:

Job opportunities may have been few and far between in the Salesforce arena the further north you got, but in 2019 there is a definite upward trend. Whether you’re a contractor or a permie, a Salesforce developer or an admin, there are roles in a wide range of different companies. Because of that there’s a surge in the need for Salesforce skills. In short we need people like you in the North.

If you’re looking for a start-up feel or maybe a corporate vibe, an office that allows you to bring in your beloved pooch, or somewhere where code is life- there’s something out there for everyone. With a big need for talent outside of London, companies are offering competitive pay packages, benefits, great work environments and a whole host of other perks. And this is without us mentioning the exciting projects going on across the North West, Yorkshire or the Midlands. For more details on those just get in touch and we’ll be able to give you the down low.

Where to Live?


Part of the Northern Powerhouse, Manchester has seen a surge in investment in the last few years. More and more businesses are choosing Manchester as their bases outside of London. When it comes to the Salesforce market, the city is seeing the same upward trend. Not only is the city a hot bed of talent, it’s also easily linked to other cities. And if that and the living costs mentioned above don’t convince you, just remember that the city is renowned for its music scene both past and present, its shopping, eating and drinking choices, and its laid back and very friendly people. Oh, and if football is your thing, there’s a couple of decent football teams knocking about.


Could we even start to talk about Liverpool without mentioning its musical legacy? Probably not, but if you decide on living here, we’re sure it won’t take long until you’re bombarded with this fact. Aside from the fantastic nightlife, you’d be living in a very friendly city renowned for its architecture and beautiful waterfront. If you want a day out, you’re spoiled for choice with great shopping, the beach and beautiful countryside all within a stone’s throw of each other. Along with Manchester, it’s also seeing a surge of investment which means that the job market in Liverpool is booming and the Salesforce industry is no different here.


Many people living outside of Leeds may not be aware that it’s got a rich and wonderful history. Not only is it situated in one of the most beautiful areas of the UK, it also has a great cultural offering ranging from music, to food and shopping. Opportunity wise, it has a wide range of companies looking for talented Salesforce professionals. Coupled with the fantastic living costs versus wages, it’s a great choice for anyone!


Sheffield is probably the Indie lovers Mecca, but aside from its musical offerings, it also has a whole lot more to offer. Since 1997, the city has grown by over more than 60% since 1997. Along with the aforementioned, Sheffield is a city that has thoroughly embraced its cultural heritage, creativity and world-class universities which has driven it towards exponential growth. The market is on the rise in the area and opportunities for people with Salesforce skills are multiplying quickly.


Nottingham is a fantastic place to live, with something for everyone- ranging from the buzzing city centre to picturesque villages in the countryside. Not only does it have a great retail scene, it’s also home to some fantastic food and drink places. The cost of living is one of the best in the UK, with people living here having some of the most disposable income. A new wave of investment in the city means that companies are seeing Nottingham as a fantastic alternative to London. Interested in putting your Salesforce skills to the test up North? There are plenty opportunities!

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