How to Answer: Why Should We Hire You

It’s that time of the week again when we give you killer tips on how to answer the most common interview questions. Yes, they’re common, however unless you’re a serial interviewer then some of these may catch you off guard. This week it’s “Why should we hire you” and we’ve broken it down into 5 easy key points you need to incorporate in your answer as well as what you’ve got to consider.

First of all, why do interviewers ask this question anyway? Well it’s a way for them to find out what skills and experiences you think are most relevant to the position, where you see yourself fitting in, as well as a way for them to get an insight into your motivations and other personality traits. There are many layers to this question, so don’t be unprepared for it. Impress them by taking some time to think up an answer beforehand!

1. Tailor your answer to the company

Do your research and know their history, current plans and their background. This is easily done by looking at their website and social media. Find out what their company values are and their culture as this will help you align yourself to the organisation and express that. It will give you a sense of how you’d fit in, which you can discuss at this point. Don’t go into a full-blown recital of their website listed values, but instead use the information to pitch yourself as the best choice.

2. What makes you unique?

Do you have any skills that perhaps aren’t very common? Have you worked in the same industry or on similar projects? When thinking of this, consider how the skill(s) set you apart from other applicants as well as how they’re relevant to the job you’ve got your eyes on. While these unique skills may not be essential for the role, help your interviewer see you as a must-have for the business that transcends their initial spec in a way they may have not considered up to now. You need to position yourself as an innovative and exceptional hire.

3. Where do you see yourself in the future?

By all means discuss your experience and the projects you’ve taken part in, however align this with their business plans and strategy. This will show your interviewer that you’ve put thought into your future with the company. If they have a particular issue that they’re looking at addressing through appointing a new person, paint them a picture of how you’re best equipped to solve it. Pitch yourself as a solution, so try to focus on what you can do for them instead of what they can do for you. The aim of this is to get the interviewer to imagine you in the role as a future employee.

4. Give evidence

It should go without saying, but when answering this question you should give them real-life evidence. There’s a fine line between what’s perceived as confidence or arrogance and fuelling your answers with proof will strengthen the former. Don’t answer by using empty words such as hardworking, accomplished, confident, because it will have the opposite of the desired effect.

5. Follow a structure

During an interview you answer the questions in a structured way and this question is no different. Keep your reply short and memorable, don’t beat around the bush. Start off by summarising what points you’re going to make (“I think you should hire me because X, Y, Z”) and then follow that up by the evidence underlining the aforementioned points. Finish off with a confident conclusion such as “Overall I feel that everything I’ve mentioned makes me a great fit for the company and the role”.

So there you have it, 5 tips to help you prepare for your big interview and answering that dreaded question: ‘why should we hire you?’.

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