Growing Your Sales Strategy: LinkedIn and Dynamics 365

Social selling is getting a purpose boost in the enterprise as Microsoft integrates LinkedIn into its portfolio of business applications. Microsoft’s most recent announcement states that they’ll be integrating LinkedIn and their cloud-based ERP and CRM suite, Dynamics 365. This is probably not a surprise after the company bought LinkedIn last year- but it will be a step in the right way for supporting social sales strategies.

One of the main focuses of the integration is the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This navigator is a tool that helps salespeople have higher productivity rates on LinkedIn by allowing them to create leads lists, view and unlock full profiles for leads not in their network, receive lead recommendations based on preferences and view real-time updates on prospects.

These are the 5 ways the LinkedIn-Dynamics 365 integration will help salespeople sell:

1.Prospect/Audience knowledge.

No longer will salespeople and marketing professionals have to leave their CRM to view LinkedIn user activity of prospects and customers. They’ll be able to view what their customers and people similar to them are discussing and doing online from within the CRM system. Having access to this information can lead to a richer database based on sentiment data, which allows for having a complete overview of the market. All this information can lead to expanding leads as well as provide better insight for product development and marketing strategies.

2.Time efficiency.

Time is of the essence for any salesperson and now the ease of saving leads, emailing and tracking prospects and monitoring activity for follow-ups and interactions, all from the Navigator will undoubtedly save a lot of time.

3.Nurturing Existing Customer Relationships.

New customers are great, but ensuring existing customers are happy is just as important. Due to the LinkedIn-Dynamics 365 integration, it’s easier to be better at regularly keeping in touch with customers, as is running promotions/contests through the social media platform and understanding ever-changing needs.

4.Growing the network.

Now you can identify existing relationships from within the Navigator to help start a better conversation. The system allows you to view who in your organisation is connected to key people in the prospect company, thus making introductions easier.

5.Finish work faster.

Due to the Dynamics 365 integration with Office 365, salespeople will be able to use apps such as Excel, Outlook and Outlook 365 Groups populated with data about customers and prospects to help track sales and drive marketing activities.

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