Dynamics 365 and Power BI Linked for Deeper Customer Insights

Microsoft is now making it easier for Dynamics 365 customers to garner insights from their clients’ business history by taking advantage of Power BI, the cloud-based business intelligence service. The new Power BI connector for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights allows businesses to take raw customer data and turn it into informative charts and distribute the data-driven findings to workforces.

Now you can get the best of both worlds by the combination of the analytical power of DCI (Dynamics 365 Customer Insights) with data visualization and the exploration features of Power BI. Users can now extract KPIs and profiles data into Power BI desktop to build reports which can be shared with other users that use the Power BI service.

The connector also goes beyond standard charts and graphs and allows the exploration of KPIs and further data by utilizing more sophisticated visualizations and overlay data points on real-world maps. You can find instructions on getting started with the Power BI connector here.

Released last year, Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights offers businesses multi-layered views of customers and the way they interact by leveraging data derived from other Microsoft business software products and ERP, IoT, 3rd party CRM, and social platforms. In July, the company also introduced a Predictive Scoring app which uses machine learning to allow users to identify agreements facing renewal, accounts that are likely to churn, and cases that require escalation, etc.

The newest update by Microsoft is to its ERP suite: Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (previously Dynamics 365 for Operations). The offering includes embedded analytics capabilities that are integrated directly into the product’s work space and it boasts an interface that lets users drill down into transactions. The capability offers 15 built-in dashboards across a multitude of functions.

There are some new upgrades coming for Microsoft’s Fall Release 2017 and the company have already teased at what they might be. They’re inspired by the modern Cost Accounting module and for Dynamics AX 2012 users, the upgrade process has been upgraded with a focus on usage consistency and easy migrations. Other changes include a revamp of the Dynamics 365 support and documentation site and schedule management updates for Dynamics 365 for Field Service as well as Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation. At the end of August, the organisation will remove the trending documents feature and offer as an alternative, the Document Suggestions feature to help discover relevant Office content.

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