Choosing Your Career Path: Microsoft Dynamics

As a Microsoft Dynamics specialist, there are a number of routes you can take in your career working for a consultancy, an end user or a partner. Choosing one type of business over another will have different advantages and it’s all up to you and where you see yourself heading professionally. So we’ve decided to give you a breakdown of each option to help you get a clearer picture of what to expect further down the line. Choosing your career path has never been easier.

End Users:

Working for an end user will mean that you become a specialist in the industry the organisation operates in. This may at an initial glance appear to be a means of narrowing your expertise field, however the UK Dynamics market is extremely complex and vast, meaning that there will certainly be options for progressing your career and becoming a sought-after specialist within your chosen sector. This is definitely a distinct advantage in the UK market where the opportunities outweigh the number of experts available.

Another thing to consider is the stability that working for an end user brings. You’ll most likely be working from the same site day in day out with little to no travel. The work/life balance is great if this is the route you choose.


Working for a consultancy especially one at a global level means you’ll be employed by organisations that are renowned for their brand. You’ll be exposed to a large network and can delve into and learn processes and methodologies as well as hone your sales and negotiation techniques. The sheer size of these organisations may mean that you are faced with hurdles of red tape, however depending on your personality and skill set you may thrive in an environment such as this.

Travel is a big part of the job as well, which could be a pro or a con depending on personal preference.


Working for a partner certainly has its benefits. You’ll be working on many different projects for a variety of businesses. This will enable you to hone a number of different skills both technical and soft. Being exposed to such a wide range of processes will turn you into a Swiss army Microsoft professional of sorts as you’ll also most likely be up to date with advancements.

Starting your career in Microsoft Dynamics with a partner is possibly the most ideal route as there will be endless opportunities for training on methodologies and upskilling. Like working for a Tier 1 consultancy you’ll be expected to travel frequently and again that can either be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on circumstance.

As much as you’d like to plan your career down to the T, it is impossible to know what opportunities arise. Whatever career path you choose will mean you have different attractive skills to potential employers. One things is for certain, you’ll have a lot of options available as a Dynamics specialist! If you’re considering a move, get in touch us here at Shape IT Recruitment as we have a wide range of opportunities available across the UK!

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