6 Tips for Choosing Between Multiple Job Offers

So, you’ve finished interviewing and now you’re happy to hear that you’ve got multiple job offers. Once you get over the initial buzz, you try and decide which offer you’ll accept, but find that you’re having a tough time choosing. Sometimes it’s a straightforward choice, but sometimes it isn’t and it can get quite stressful trying to choose the right one.

There are many things to consider when deciding! Here at ShapeIT Recruitment we’ve brainstormed and put together a shortlist of 6 important factors to base your decision on.

1. What are your priorities?

Whether you’ve gone at it alone or with the help of a recruiter, you should have your priorities clearly set out. Depending where you are in your career and personal circumstances your priorities will change. A location close to your home, salary or career progression opportunities could top your list. Be honest with yourself and with your recruiter from the onset as this will make your decision easier. Knowing what you want will make it easier for you to choose between multiple job offers.

2. Money shouldn’t be the be all end all

Try to not decide based solely on pay. This is where a lot of candidates may make mistakes as they’re only considering the financial aspect. Of course, it’s great getting more money, but a difference of a couple of grand either way shouldn’t be the only deciding factor.

3. Company Culture

We’re sure you’ve seen this thrown around a lot and for good reason. Consider how you’ll fit into the team; do you like the environment, do you see yourself progressing in the organisation? People spend a lot of time at work and being comfortable with the culture is arguably the most important factor. If you dread going to work no amount of money is going to keep you happy.

4. How did you get on with your prospective boss?

The previous point feeds into this one as your relationship with your boss is very important as well and it reflects the culture. You’ll be able to decide where you stand on this through your interviews. Choose based on a professional perspective as well as a human one. While you’ll have a professional relationship it’s important to also like them on a personal level.

5. Long-term prospects

Look out for and consider where you’ll have a long-term position if you are considering a permanent job. Don’t just assume there are opportunities for progression, think about what roles the people you interviewed with were in, how long they have been with the company and where you might be able to progress from the position you’ve been offered. This will give you a picture of the sort of opportunities there are. A quick look at employee profiles on LinkedIn will also give you further insight.

6. Work/Life balance

An important aspect is the work/life balance: what are the working hours, will you be expected to work overtime, is the commute a killer, etc. Of course, you may need to make some compromises, but how many and how great is up to personal circumstance as well as preference.

And there you have it, 6 tips to help you choose between multiple job offers. Do you have any others? Let us know in the comments!

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