Why Use a Specialist Salesforce Recruiter?

Elise Zajac Salesforce Consultant
Elise Zajac
– Specialist Salesforce Recruitment Consultant –

Seeing how you are reading this article, I am certain you and your business have hit major bumps in the road or come to a full on dead-end when it comes to bringing on-board your next hire. Salesforce recruitment is notoriously tricky. There is a constant increase of demand for candidates with exemplary skills in a candidate-short market, which makes it incredibly tough for companies to manage to hire talent directly through their own HR departments. The fact that recruitment is people-based there are many variables that can go wrong or that need to be taken into consideration, and not only that it can be a very time-consuming and expensive process.

This is where me and the Shape IT team can come in and offer you the assistance you need. In our experience, we’ve found that clients need support in two areas and those are recruitment and retainment when it comes to hiring Salesforce talent.

If you’re a business that’s still wary or unsure of whether to partner with a recruitment agency to bolster your hiring strategy, you need to understand the value a team of Salesforce recruitment experts will bring:

Our Network

It doesn’t matter whether you’re recruiting for a Salesforce grad role, or a Salesforce architect is for us to approach our extensive network on your behalf. We spend every day talking to and finding the best talent there is, whether they are active or passive. The best talent usually lays hidden in our passive network which we will tap into to the find the right candidate for your role and business. We make sure that we cultivate and nurture long-lasting relationships, which in turn paves the way for us to have access to an extensive network of talent that’ll be exactly what you’re looking for.

 Salesforce Knowledge

Our Salesforce team understands the tech and are aware of the technical requirements needed to excel in your role; whether it’s Salesforce Admin, Developer, or Architect. Because of this we are able to challenge the talent we speak to in regards to their practical knowledge and their experience, which means that our clients can be sure that any candidate sent their way is technically strong.

Understanding you Culture and Vision

Our mission isn’t simply to fill a vacancy, which some might think is counterintuitive as that is the essence of recruitment when you boil it down. However, our approach to recruitment and the way we do things centres around us understanding your business vision and what has led you to recruit. Technical skills are highly important, however it is essential that we match your vision and culture with a candidate that’ll enhance and match that. We strive to make sure that both our candidate’s career growth and your business’s growth are aligned. We don’t just end our collaboration with you when our candidate is successful, we provide you with our consultative experience and knowledge. We are here for your business along the way in areas such as talent identification, employer branding, process management, negotiation, and more.

Process Management & Employer Branding

The market for Salesforce candidates has rapidly evolved in the last half decade which means that its more important than ever to focus and protect your employer branding. As a business we understand the consequences that poor process management can have on our client’s brand as an employer of choice. We take great care to ensure that you are represented in the best way by us. We will make sure to guide you through best practices and we will manage the hiring process to the highest standards. That way your image and branding that you have worked hard to cultivate and craft isn’t damaged by poor representation. Your business deserves to be known or stay known as an employer of choice and we will ensure that we play our part in that.

If you’re looking for Salesforce talent why not get in touch with us. We can help you with a single hire or a full team-build.