The Top 5 Salesforce Certifications for Beginners

Elise Zajac Salesforce Consultant
Elise Zajac

If you’re looking to upskill, or even get into the Salesforce industry but don’t know where to being you’ve come to the right place. Salesforce is a robust CRM that will expand your job opportunities and has a lot of potential for career growth. However, mastering Salesforce can be time consuming and expensive. But, in order too succeed you don’t have to learn everything about it, that’s why I’ve put together a list of Salesforce certifications that you should start from.

You have a wide range of Salesforce certifications to pick from to achieve your career goals. In this article I take a look at the best Salesforce certifications for beginners. These certifications will help you be job-ready in no time, all you need is the right resources and commitment to get started.

1. Salesforce Administrator Certification

One of the most popular credentials on the Salesforce platform is the Salesforce Administrator certification. Your responsibilities as an administrator include managing users, data security, and day-to-day operations in Salesforce consultancies.

When you take your exam, the topics covered will be reports, dashboards, creating and managing objects, and security settings. You’ll also be tested on your understanding of the features on the Salesforce platform like process builders, approvals, and workflow rules.

Getting Salesforce Administrator certified is a good place to start for beginners as you’ll get a broader understanding of the platform. To complete the course, you should set aside around six weeks.

2. Salesforce Developer Certification

This certification is for those who would like to be able to develop bespoke applications on the platform. As a Salesforce developer you’ll be responsible for designing, coding, testing, and deploying applications.

The Salesforce Developer exam will test your knowledge on various topics such as declarative development, platform fundamentals, Apex code development, and Visualforce page development.

You’ll need about 12 weeks to complete the course and you do need some coding experience for it. Certified developers are highly sought after, so this is a key course to undertake as it’ll give you the chance to enhance your skills and knowledge, as well as expand your career opportunities

3. Salesforce Certified Consultant Certification

Salesforce consulting is a key skill for any developer or admin. This certification will give you the skills you need to be successful as a consultant. In a consultant capacity your day-to-day would see you implementing and configuring Salesforce applications for customers as well as provide training and support to other businesses and clients.

Throughout the course you’ll learn about requirement gathering, design thinking, change management, training, and solution architecture. When you’re a certified consultant, you’ll be working with clients to understand what their needs are as a business and deliver solutions that meet those requirements.

This course normally takes between 6 months to a year to complete and it covers a wide range of topics. To complete the course you’ll need some experience as a Salesforce administrator or developer. It’s a certification that’s in high demand, particularly for those that want to pursue a career in consulting.

4. Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Certification

Once you become Salesforce Administration certified, you can take those skills to the next level with the Salesforce Certified Advance Administrator certification.

You’ll be tested on several topics such as managing data architecture, designing and implementing workflow rules, developing triggers and batch processes, configuring security settings, and creating and managing custom objects and fields. When you’re an advanced administrator you’ll have the skills to manage complex Salesforce deployments and solve more challenging issues.

To complete this course you’ll need about six weeks and it requires you to be Salesforce Administrator Certified before starting.

5. Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification

A great way to increase productivity is by building bespoke applications on the Salesforce platform and the Salesforce Platform App Builder certification is for those who want to be able to build them without learning to code.

The exam tests on creating custom objects, page layouts, profiles, working with formulas and validation rules, creating dashboards and reports, and developing business processes. This certification is a great place to start for those who have limited coding experience.

The course takes around six weeks to complete.

For those wanting to start a career in tech Salesforce is a good choice as it’s a highly successful digital platform and there are a lot of exciting career opportunities. Certifications are the easiest way to get your foot in the door as they are highly sought after and they also give you the skills you’ll need to grow in your career.

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